Is Assassin’s Creed Unity the next big thing?
Tyler smith
Staff writer

Templars, Assassins, a battle for the future, fate, and freedom of mankind. Two groups from world’s history of shadowy secret organizations duke it out in this continuation of an epic game series: Assassin’s Creed Unity.
Battling in the beautiful city of Paris in the midst of the bloody French Revolution, the Assassins try to cleanse the city: day by day, street by street, Templar by Templar.
With the next generation game consoles, also known as Anvil technology, open world gameplay is truly open. Seamless exteriors and interiors give the player a wide array of exploring, along with escaping and hiding options as well. Even the feel of the city becomes more alive with Artificial Intelligence.
With artificial intelligence, also known as AI’s, the player must choose his/her strategy carefully in order of not being detected. The AI’s react to the players’ actions whether it be hostile or passive.
With the independent mind of AI’s, the terrain of the game has become sharper and more real, fog has become fog and not some white transparent form of pixels that goes across your screen. Besides fog, dust and smoke look real, so real that you could touch it if there wasn’t a TV screen in the way.
Even though all this new technology can make imaginary things seem real, there are still weapons. Yes weapons, but not ordinary weapons. Well there are swords and pistols, but Assassin’s Creed most ionic weapon is the hidden blade; a retractable blade that makes an assassin so deadly. I can assure you that Ubisoft kept the hidden blade, because if they didn’t there would riots in the streets.
With the new generation of assassin comes a new weapon, the Phantom Blade. In previous games you are given two long range weapons, a pistol and/or crossbow. With the latest two assassin games they changed the crossbow to a regular bow, then to a blowpipe. With Unity, the designers changed it again to the Phantom Blade, a mini crossbow like weapon that shoots little steel bolts at your target. Steel bolts. What else could be more awesome than steel bolts?
Multiplayer campaign mode is great now, not only do you have to worry about yourself; you have to worry about another player who probably doesn’t know what he is doing. Don’t get me wrong, having a multiplayer campaign mode is awesome, but what if you get in a fight with the guards and your buddy is getting his butt whooped. You are going to have to save his noob ass and risk messing up the mission.
Looking at the game as a whole though, Assassin’s Creed Unity a solid game with some new things mixed with formula and have the public look forward to its release on November 11, 2014.