/Tips for speaking to someone

Tips for speaking to someone

Five things to remember when making that first impression
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

A good relationship is based on many things, but can be boiled down to just a few: honesty, loyalty, communication, and the ability to put up with another human being and their flaws. Without these few key elements, a relationship won’t last long or be very fun.
Now, how do you get the attention of that book smart gal, or nerdy guy? Many steps can be taken, but again, can be boiled down to just a few.
Step one, enter with confidence.
While not all of us can walk up to a stranger and start a conversation without being creepy, it can pay off to try. Too often are potential relationships snuffed out with one person being too shy to speak to the other. Try an ice breaker, or just simply ask “How are you doing?”
Step two, dress accordingly.
Dress in your own style, but don’t dress in rags. Few people want someone that dressed like they just crawled through a wood chipper. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie. A simple clean t-shirt and some casual jeans are okay, but once the jeans or shirts are composed of more holes than clothing, then you may want to hit a store ASAP.
Step three, be true to yourself.
Always be who you are whether you’re a nerd, an athlete, a teacher, or a student. But remember that change isn’t always bad either. If you have a problem that needs fixing, and you know it needs fixing, then fix it. If you’re a narcissistic jerk, then chances are no one will want to be around you for any period of time. Figure out what could be wrong, and figure out how you can solve it. No one is perfect or will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be nice, good people.
Step four, don’t be creepy.
We’ve all seen it, that one person that can’t leave someone else alone or just can’t take a hint. Don’t be that person. If someone isn’t showing interest in you, then save yourself some embarrassment and walk away. No insults when you leave, just leave it as is. Not everything is meant to be.
Step five, if all else fails, then be funny.
In an age where bad puns, sarcasm, and internet speak (Y U Do Dis?) are abundant, there are few reasons as to why some form of humor would fail to bring forth a smile. Worse comes to worse, use Google to find good jokes.
Above all else, be who you truly are. Be real, be honest, and be nice.