//The many faces of the monster inside

The many faces of the monster inside

Photo Credit: Erin Kephart
Photo Credit: Erin Kephart

SC4 Players’ presentation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

“You find an open door. One no one knows about. And once you’ve crossed its threshold, you will find not one mind but two. Two streams within the consciousness, one on the surface, the other subterranean.” According to Greg Garofolo, “This quote by Jekyll captures the play at its essence. A true psychological horror and thought provoking thrill ride.”
SC4 Players presented the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Oct. 16 through the 19.
The play, directed by Tom Kephart, told the tale of Dr. Henry Jekyll, played by Caleb Kreidler, and his “inner demon,” Mr. Hyde, and his discovery of who really is the monster.
The character of Mr. Hyde had to be portrayed by four different actors to capture the different aspects of Mr. Hyde’s evolving personality. Hyde, played by actors Brennan Fisher, Greg Garofalo, Haunani Johnson, and Andrew Kephart represents the beastly nature of Dr. Jekyll, and therefore humanity itself.
“It was really psychological,” said Freshman Riley Niver, 19. Niver played Elizabeth, Hyde’s love interest. “It was a smart play, but there was still humor in it with that morbid intrigue.”
“I fell in love with the script when I first read it,” Kephart said. “We were going to do another show, and then I read this script and thought, yeah, we’re doing this one.”
Niver said that without Kephart’s vision, the play could not have been done.
“The way he chose lighting cues and how to do the set and minimalizing a lot of what was used really added to the play. He made it more like a dream sequence which really tied in with the different journal entries and little bits of play acting here and there,” Niver said.