/The hammer of vengeance

The hammer of vengeance


Review of Trivium’s recent album “Vengeance Falls”
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

Picture a life of despair, agony, and rage. Knowing you’re alone and no one will understand the way you feel. A loner who’s only vengeance is to live and wage war against an overwhelming enemy.
Trivium’s latest album depicts such a story in such a way that it changes your thought of metal.
The only way to see it is to feel it. Listening to this story you feel the hero’s pain, happiness, sorrow, and rage.
The songs composed in this album are masterful. The musicianship is amazing with the amount of riffs and bridges these guys come up with without repeating them. So you get that moment where if you hear it you know exactly what it is.
Unlike today, where artists compose songs to sound close or exactly the same and have no stamp of personality. With Trivium they do more than just stamp their personality, they stamp their identities, moralities, and lives in this album.
Like a boot to the face, Trivium gives humanity a wakeup call on subjects that no one wants to talk about such as depression, loneliness, and sorrow. Never in my life have I been able to talk about my feelings because I knew no one would understand.
Knowing that, I felt alone and that lead me to being depressed, now to those of you that don’t listen to metal and think it’s a bunch losers screaming into a microphone. You’re wrong.
The reason you’re wrong is because the singer’s feelings come out in the way that others can connect to and feel not alone. Listening to this album you’ll feel empowered, you’ll feel bold, and you’ll feel like the world can’t touch you.
Trivium has out done themselves and goes on my bedroom wall of fame.