/The end of an era

The end of an era

Photo Credit: Greg Garofalo
Photo Credit: Greg Garofalo

Manifest the Machine goes out with a bang
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

The Schwonk Sound Stead, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The infamous music venue has long been a popular hangout for the college students of SC4, no matter the genre of the band, the grand brick house on 7th and Griswold always draws a crowd.
However, on Sunday Sept. 28, it wasn’t the appearance of a new band that drew the hefty crowds, but the passing of a legend: Manifest the Machine.
Manifest the Machine is a local Post-Rock genre. The band consists of Travis Boone on the keyboard, Chris Strobbe on guitar, Zach Nye on bass guitar, and Corey Strobbe on the drums. They started as a three piece Blues Rock band and gradually progressed into what most would call Post-Rock, Experimental, or Ambient.
“I just can’t put into words how much you guys mean to us,” said an emotional Boone to his fans, “We decided that we need to take some time, we are not sure we are coming back, so just thank you.”
Upon asking him how his last show felt, Bonne remarked: “It feels good to say goodbye to everyone who supported us.”
It wasn’t only fans that were sad to see the local band go, but other musicians as well. Nick Ranger, co-singer and bass player of The Tiny Ugly Germs commented, “I’ll just say the scene is losing a really good band, but at least they are going out at Port Huron’s flagship venue. It’s really sad to see this band go.”
Ally Evenson, a local singer who performs with the band on and off, said the entire event was an odd bittersweet.
“I’ve been singing with them since January and it’s been amazing. It’s one of those feelings where I can just be myself. I can just express myself,” said Evenson.
Manisfest the Machine was not the only talent at the venue that evening, The Tiny Ugly Germs also made an appearance, as well as a new group who was new to not only to Port Huron, but to The States as well.
“We sold all of our stuff in Australia and bought a one way ticket to Europe,” said Raj Siva-Rajah, lead singer of the Australian band Sunpilots, “We just said: ‘let’s go for it.’ We make just enough money to get us to the next place, and we’ve been doing that for four years. Music is just in our blood and none of us can see ourselves doing anything else.”
To find out more about The Shchwonk and its upcoming shows, check out their Facebook page at: Facebook.com/Schwonksoundstead