/Still Running; still got it

Still Running; still got it

Photo Credit: Lily Petit
Photo Credit: Lily Petit

Acoustic band provides a twist on the usual sound
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Still Running consists of the acoustic sounds of Mike Mercatante, 54, and Jenna Reed, 46, who entertain the customers of The Raven Café every last Saturday of the month.
For nine years Still Running has been providing an eclectic mix of rock, country, and folk style music. They offer covers and original pieces which they blend into their performances.
They believe their mixture of voices and their unusual original songs help them stand out. Mercatante said they like to turn human interest stories into songs, such as their song “Robert Immolation” that commemorates the death of a homeless man that Reed knew.
“We try to think outside of the ordinary love song,” said Mercatante.
Brittany White, 19, of Kimball, a waitress at The Raven Café, said she heard Still Running play a few times since she’s been working at The Raven, and that they usually draw a good size crowd. White says Mike and Jenna are very sweet as she pointed out how they promoted the lemon cake dessert before taking a break from the stage.
After the break, Jesse Peart, 21, of Port Huron joined Still Running on the stage to accompany them with his djembe, an African drum. Peart met Mercatante and Reed through shows around Port Huron and they invited him to play his drum with them at some shows.
Peart has been playing the djembe for ten years and also plays drums for his jazz band, “Little Big Band.” Peart described Still Running’s style as “soulful, feel good music.”
Nick Wiczko, 25, of Port Huron enjoyed the show Saturday, Sep. 27, saying Still Running was “music that puts a smile on your face.”
Mercatante, Detroit, and Reed, Chicago, hail from heavily musically talented cities, but they say that Port Huron has stepped up to its music scene. Mercatante is an award winning guitarist and Reed has classical voice training.
Peart said, “She’s got the voice of an angel and the soul of a blues artist.”
Still Running will be performing Oct. 10 at Lexington Brewing Company. To keep up with all of Still Running’s shows, like them on Facebook at Still Running. Their album “One” can be found on reverbnation.com.