//Singing Strings

Singing Strings

The Lexington String Quartet comes to SC4
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

Last week on SC4 campus, the strings were singing and the music stirred and swayed the spirits of the young and old alike. The Lexington Bach Strings Quartet returned to campus.
Filled to the brim with talent, the quartet performed exquisite classics from the famous names of Bach, Mozart, and many more.
Formed fifteen years ago, the quartet is fueled by their love for music and performance.
The group consists of two violinists (Denice Anderson Turck, and Paul Lundin), a violist (Catharine DeLuca) and a Cellist (Timothy Nicolia.) Each of the four musicians have either a bachelors or master’s degree in their field of musical prowess.
To these professionals, music is just that: a profession.
“People who go into music professionally, usually can’t see themselves doing anything else. You scratch and save and try to create a niche for yourself, you’re not going to make much money in it, but it can be quite rewarding,” said Nicolia.
“The more you put in, the more you get out. It just is very rewarding for what you do for yourself and what you do for other people,” DeLuca added.
The Quartet continued their show in the Village until the fourteenth, filling the town with fun, activities, and warm summer nights filled with life and sound.