//Scholarships: what students should know

Scholarships: what students should know

Students’ questions answered
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

Scholarships, a way to avoid high debt and obtain free money for school for students.
According Jo Cassar, Director of Financial Asstiance and Services at SC4, Students can go to sc4.edu/money for scholarships.
Students will know that they have received a scholarship through e-mail and will be notified if they received a scholarship by early to mid-May.
For scholarship deadlines, students can check the portal; the deadline for scholarships for the winter 2015 semester is Oct. 17.
The advice Cassar offers to students applying for scholarships is to take time to write a good essay. Students should sell themselves and take the time to really pay attention. There is no limit on how many scholarships students can apply for.
Students should pay attention to the requirements when looking up scholarships. There are many scholarships and each one is different.
Some scholarship requirements are based on GPA and/or the different types of majors’ students would like to get into or are a part of. Some scholarships require a certain amount of credit hours on top of either a certain major or a certain GPA.
According to Cassar, Scholarships are completed online at sc4.edu/money. There is a general app that walks students though the scholarship process and is easy to use and easy to complete.
“There are scholarships that require students to submit letters of recommendation and write essays. There is an attachment that comes with those types of scholarships,” Cassar said.
According to www.sc4.edu/money, the scholarships give students the amount of money that the scholarship they are interested in is worth, and the date that students need to have the
scholarship application completely filled out by can also be found at the link.
Students with any questions regarding scholarships should feel free to contact the Financial Aid office at 810-989-5530.