/Relocating the air waves

Relocating the air waves

Photo credit: Lily Petit
Photo credit: Lily Petit

Radio club’s location in flux
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

WSGR 91.3 FM, SC4’s student run radio station, brings “the eclectic sound” to the Blue Water Area, but recently they’re providing it from a slightly different location.
The Fine Arts Building’s duct work renovation is complete and classes have been running smoothly within the building, yet the radio club still cannot operate in their original studio room off the classroom in FAB room 21.
Alyssa Gould, program director for WSGR, 19, says they have been running the station out of the first floor of the A.J. Theisen building. Gould says they are waiting on Maintenance and IT to give the ok to move back in. No official move in date has been set, but Gould says they have been told it will be “soon.”
Jake Vigna, a member of the radio club, says that the main problem with being in the AJT building is waiting for maintenance to come unlock the door.
The club is not issued a key to their studio room and must contact maintenance every day to open the door. Whether WSGR operates out of the AJT building or the FAB, maintenance must be contacted. The Fine Arts Building is a hop, skip, and a jump from the maintenance building, located next to the Acheson Technology Center, while trekking to the AJT building from the office can take up to 20 minutes.
Gould says that waiting for maintenance can sometimes cause the radio shows to start late and causes them to get off schedule. Additionally, their location in the AJT building allows much more outside noise into the studio. While their room in the FAB is secluded from any outside doors or hallways, the AJT is directly next to both.
While the radio club has moved to a more public location for the time being, the 41-year-old club is also becoming a more obvious choice for prospective members.
Gould considers the radio club to be “a hidden club,” but admits she’s seen it grow in size and dedication since her involvement in the past two years. This is Gould’s first semester as program director. Alongside her are about ten members of the radio club who choose to “play the B-Side of the tracks.”
If you’re interested in filling the air waves with a different sound than the Top 40, the radio club meets every Wednesday at noon in the classroom section of FAB room 21.
Support WSGR by tuning in to 91.3 FM and by liking them on Facebook at WSGR 91.3fm.