//Quality in games vs. quality in gamers

Quality in games vs. quality in gamers

Is the industry really to blame?
Pessimistic Gamer
Guest Writer

Gamers, developers, and corporations that control it all, oh my!
Recently, it’s become apparent to gamers of all shapes and sizes that games aren’t what they used to be, in good and bad ways, but is it the games or the gamers themselves?
I got the chance to work in the retail end of the gaming industry, seeing how sales and quality of games correspond, and have noticed a few patterns.
Every year, the normal Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield all launch and all sell out, but almost everyone comes back, and complains about each game.
Now, while I understand that not every game fits every gamer, it seemed strange that, after all of the complaints and drama about why “Call of Duty: Ghosts” was a waste of money, many of those same people came back to reserve a copy of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.”
There is nothing wrong with being loyal to a series of games. I know I have a few that I constantly complain about, but then buy the next game with open arms.
What I’m trying to get at is, who does the blame fall on?
Okay, for example, Destiny. Activision and Bungie’s love child just came out in September. It was a game that although both companies have had shaky track records, that everyone needed to own.
The game turned out okay, but let’s think about what the expectations were.
How did the game turn out?
It’s good. Not amazing, but good.
So many fans were let down by the game not being what they expected it to be. That’s the thing, though. It’s fun. What else does it need to be?
At some point, gamers need to take a step back and remember: what they are playing is meant to be fun, it’s a game.
Understandably, at $63.59 a pop, people want their games to be good, but maybe a little too good.
So what do gamers think? Should games be at the peak of greatness and treated like they’re expected to be that way at launch, or should gamers relax a little and just have fun playing the game?
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