Photo Credit: Melanie Buskirk
Photo Credit: Melanie Buskirk

There’s a new group of geeks on campus
Melanie Buskirk
Staff Writer

Students packed the College Center on Tuesday Sep. 16 for Club Awareness Day. Well established clubs such as the Gay Straight Alliance, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Zombie Defense Council set up displays, but had to make room for a brand-new upcoming group, NerdCore.
Previously known as the Magic the Gathering club, NerdCore made an entrance with a large display and a gathering of current members playing, of course, Magic: The Gathering.
NerdCore isn’t just about playing Magic: The Gathering though. Anime lovers, Yu-Gi-Oh players, gamers (both PC and console), Pokemon fanatics, and all-around geeky people are welcome to join NerdCore.
“We can be ourselves comfortably without people judging us,” said Jess Gray, vice president of NerdCore.
The folks of NerdCore can be found in the back of the cafeteria on a daily basis, but the official club meetings are held every other Tuesday around noon.
Plans for this semester include on-campus Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and off-campus bake sales (due to SC4’s new policy). The dates and locations of both are to be determined during the next official meeting.
When asked about the proceeds of the future fundraisers, Vice President Jess Gray stated, “The ultimate goal is to raise enough money for a group trip to Cedar Point.” The date of this trip is also undetermined.
The group is growing fast and will always be open to students of any fandom; so bring your cards, games, comics, and friends to the back of the cafeteria and expect to make some new friends in NerdCore.