/Halloween, booze, and charity

Halloween, booze, and charity

Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin
Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

Zombie crawl makes its way through downtown Port Huron
Angie Stoecklin

Zombies invade Port Huron, again, and this time it’s for a good cause.
The 5th annual Zombie Crawl took place Saturday Oct. 18, drawing in an estimated 600 people. The event started at Casey’s Pizza and Subs, where participants brought canned foods in order to get their faces painted.
According to event creator Mike Higgins, the canned food drive is a new addition to Zombie Crawl. Zombies from all around Port Huron seemed to welcome the new charity with open arms.
“I think anything we can do to help people in need is a good thing. It’s a fun way to do it and it beats paying a cover charge for bars,” said Mike Carnaghi, 49, of Kimball Township.
Some Zombies did their own makeup, while others waited patiently at Casey’s to get their face painted by professional makeup artists.
Higgins, who came up with the idea of Zombie Crawl some 5 and a half years ago, said that he came up with the idea after a night of drinking. “I just thought you know what, zombies and drunk people are really similar, why not combine the two,” Higgins said.
Higgins, co-creator of Blue Water Social Club, said that Zombie Crawl is one of the three social events that the club does each year. The other two are the Stash Bash in March, and Paddle and Pour in late summer.
The Zombie Crawl started at Caseys, it then migrated to the Raven Coffee House, then to Fuel, and ended up at the Roach, where there were two DJ’s between the inside and outside areas.
Although there were a large number of participants, the event went off without a hitch without any quarrels. According to Higgins, the point of the event, being just to have fun in this Halloween season, seemed to be well communicated to all who attended Zombie Crawl.
“I just love the whole Halloween thing, always have. Meeting friends, going to have a few drinks and hanging out,” Carnaghi said.