//Five things to do this fall

Five things to do this fall

Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo
Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo

Because pumpkin spiced lattes aren’t for everyone
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Sweater weather, fall flavors, and seeking spooky experiences are all part of enjoying autumn. But what’s to be done if you aren’t thrilled about the typical fall experiences?
1. Try Dairy Queen’s new pumpkin pie blizzard:
The only thing I like more than pie is ice cream. Dairy Queen combined the two, stealing my heart in the process. Dairy Queen’s website describes the pumpkin pie blizzard as, “Pumpkin pie pieces blended in creamy vanilla soft serve crowned with whipped topping and nutmeg.” Don’t like pumpkin? They also have an apple pie option.
2. Attend ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at McMorran Theatre:
This cult classic is as entertaining as it is interactive. Follow the antics of sweet transvestite, Frank-N-Furter and his friends from Transsexual Transylvania. And don’t be afraid to join in on their fun. Show dates and times, as well as ticket prices, can be found at mcmorran.com.
3. Go for a walk:
Shades of reds and yellows will soon be dappling the trees. Whether you choose to wander the new Blue Water River Walk, the Wadhams to Avoca trail, or even explore the paths of the Pine River Nature Center, just make sure you soak up as much of the crisp fall air before the (dare I say it) bitter cold of winter sets it.
4. Watch some Skipper sports:
If you’re looking to observe while being outside, the softball and golf teams have games until the end of September. Rather be indoors? Volleyball goes until the end of November and home games can be found in the SC4 gymnasium. Additionally, men’s and women’s basketball season reaches up to mid-March. Sport specific schedules can be found at sc4.edu.
5. Go clearance shopping:
Letting go of summer is hard. Sweaters, jeans, and scarves are filling the racks of clothing stores everywhere, but all the shorts and tank tops that weren’t sold aren’t just going to magically disappear. Hit up your favorite department store, boutique, or resale shop for some serious deals. Take this chance to stock up on flip flops and fedoras for next summer.
Michigan autumn is here and gone in a wisp of apple cider steam. It’s time to make the most of the harvest season.