/Cracking the secrets of The Vault

Cracking the secrets of The Vault

Photo Credit: Gregory Garofalo
Photo Credit: Gregory Garofalo

The Vault Sweet Shop cuts the ribbon
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

The Vault. A treasure trove of untold sweets and ice cream flavors.
Recently purchased Round Island Sweet Shop, has been re-named and re-purposed since May 23.
“We just launched sandwiches,” says Vault co-owner James Branch, “We have phases and plans moving forward. Our first phase was to build up capital of ice cream over the summer which we did, and to buy equipment to start doing sandwiches to survive throughout the winter. We just signed with the Chamber of Commerce so we could do the ribbon cutting and gain some publicity to some awesome tasting sandwiches.”
Branch went on to describe one of the Vault’s main attractions: Their Rice Krispy treats.
“We’re starting our new baked line of Rice Krispy treats. Our biggest selling item has been our stuffed Oreo Rice Krispy treats. We now have our double chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Trix stuffed, and M&M stuffed, along with our Oreo stuffed.”
Branch, being a man of faith, stresses that while he and co-owner Josh Sabo are dedicated Christians, they are Christians running a business, not a Christian business.
“The opportunities that this gives us for ministry are immense, and we are going to use them as they come. However, first and foremost we are going to run this as a business. So far we’ve had a big presence and that’s allowed us to minister in ways we haven’t thought of before. Last week we were handing out half sandwiches to the cars that were stuck waiting for the draw bridge, and we had a lady pray over us and our business. When you look at Jesus Christ’s ministry he was with people, this gives us the opportunity to be with people on a daily business.”
The Vault Sweet Shoppe is located at 902 Military St in Port Huron.