/Club Awareness Day, showcasing the clubs for all students to see

Club Awareness Day, showcasing the clubs for all students to see

Photo Credit: Nick "Chico" Hernandez
Photo Credit: Nick “Chico” Hernandez

For one day, clubs ruled the College Center
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

With a new semester comes old clubs, new clubs, and even sees some clubs disappearing. 8 clubs graced the Atrium on Sept. 16, with Zombie Defense Council having the most visits (21) from students according to the passports handed out by Student Government.
Clubs across campus use Club Awareness Day to draw in potential members.
“Everybody learns about the clubs, it emphasizes what the clubs are about, and it gets people interested,” said Chris Dombowsky, Alumni.
“Essentially, it gets the word out,” Brandon Eason of ZDC said.
Student Government handed out passports that a student would take to 5 different club tables and get them signed. Every student that got 5 signatures on the passport entered a raffle held by Student Government to win a “Swag Bag.” In addition to handing out passports, Student Government provided cotton candy.
“It brings awareness to a brand new program,” Nikki Carlson of the newly formed Health Information Technology club said.
Marketing and Management also put on a raffle with the prize being mechanical pencils, pens, scantrons, and more. Participants gave M&M their name and contact information, in addition to “liking” M&M’s Facebook page as part of the raffle.
One of the two new clubs was NerdCore, formally known as Magic the Gathering Club, which featured many people playing games. Dillon Carter, member of NerdCore, broke down the club’s intentions; stating, “It’s a place where all of us Nerds can come together.”
Dan Clark, a freshman, said, “This event seems to be a good thing for the clubs that need to recruit. And it’s not like you can walk through the college center without noticing all these tables set up. All in all, it seems like a pretty cool thing to see especially if you’re new to the college.”