//Blues and Folk music unite

Blues and Folk music unite

Blues group and local band reel in crowd at SC4’s theatre
Angie Stoecklin

On the night of Oct. 4, the audience in SC4’s Fine Arts theatre exploded with applause when Coordinator of the Arts Celeste Skalnek announced that she was thrilled to have Madcat Midnight Blues performing SC4.
The event featured opening band Gasoline Gypsies, a local Folk band consisting of former SC4 students, and continued with Blues group, Madcat Midnight Blues Journey. The concert didn’t end until 45 minutes after it was supposed to, but that didn’t take away from the energy exhibited by either the bands’ or the audience members.
Sherry Shelany, 68, of Fort Gratiot, stated that the people of Port Huron need to realize the outstanding talent in town, as well as the talent that is brought into town to perform alongside local artists.
“The Gasoline Gypsies are an excellent, fabulous band and people need to hear them. But to have somebody of Peter Madcat Ruth’s stature come to town and be able to hear them and see the way they react with each other on stage is wonderful,” Shelany said.
Madcat Midnight Blues Journey is a four-piece Blues band; performing Blues pieces bordering on different genres from country to rock and roll. The band consists of lead singer and Harmonica player, Peter “Madcat” Ruth, guitar player and keyboardist, Drew “Captian Midnight” Howard, bass player Mark “Papa” Schrock, and percussionist Michael “Kid” Shimmin.
According to frontman Peter “Madcat” Ruth, when Skalnek contacted him and asked if he would like to perform at SC4, he didn’t hesitate to say yes, and he was not disappointed.
“I’m glad we could do it. It’s such a beautiful auditorium; the sound system is really good, and the people running the sound system are great at what they do,” Ruth said.
The band performed the previous night in Kalamazoo. But they made the drive for the opportunity to perform on the east side of the state, which, according the Ruth wasn’t the only change the band had been looking forward to.
“We’ve been playing outdoor concerts all summer long. And it’s been fun because there’s a whole different energy about outdoor concerts. But when you’re indoors and have that back wall and enclosed space, you play differently, the musician adjusts to the room and it’s such a nice theater that we were kind of being more subtle in a way, which was nice,” said Ruth.
Ruth stated that although each member of the band had to drive at least an hour on their way out of Port Huron, they appreciated the opportunity.
“We’re really glad to be here and share our music with the folks over here (Port Huron),” Ruth said.