/Annabelle: a frightening watch

Annabelle: a frightening watch

Do not watch alone
Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

The movie Annabelle is in one word, terrifying. The movie stars Annabelle Walls as Mia and Ward Horton as John Gordon.
The movie showed the two well-known spiritual elements of good and evil. One of the locations in the movie was in a church that the couple attended. The movie showed that good people can go through really terrible things, but those people can get through darkness with their faith. The young couple in the movie faced a lot of acts of psychological terror that almost destroyed them and their infant daughter.
The movie starts out in the sixties with a young couple who are expecting a child. Early in the movie they witnessed the murders of their middle aged neighbors by their neighbor’s daughter named Annabelle and her boyfriend, both of which were members of a demonic cult.
Annabelle and her boyfriend attack the young couple ending with her boyfriend getting killed by the police, and Annabelle committing suicide, and the doll Annabelle was holding is possessed by and unleashing a demonic spirt onto the doll.
The horror in the movie was more of a psychological horror. There were a few scenes of blood and gore horror that contained some great special effects. The movie also brought in the perspective of paranormal horror. The speakers in the movie theater helped give the movie an eerie effect.
The movie was full of unexpected twist and turns. The audience seemed to not know what to expect in each new scene. There were times in the movie where the audience were watching the different characters and trying to guess their intentions.
The characters seemed to reflect the era that they were supposed to represent. The character of the husband was there but not very supportive to the main character, his wife. He looked out for his wife’s well-being but that was about it. The character of the wife was strong but confused.
The entire movie was full of twists and unexpected turns. This was a movie that one would not want to miss any of it in order to understand the plot. Not one member of the audience left during the movie. They did not want to miss a thing.
Maybe they were afraid they might see Annabelle out in the hall.