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Yelling About Comics: Wicked + Devine

3901304-$_57Zacchary Penzien
“Guest Writer”

Warning: vague spoilers for the first issue.
Every ninety years, twelve gods reincarnate as teenagers. They are hated, they are loved, they are famous, and then in two years, they are dead. That’s the pitch of writer Kieron Gillen and artist/designer Jamie Mckelvie’s, “The Wicked and the Devine” (Wicked + Devine for short).
The story follows Laura, a teenage girl who gets mixed up with the reincarnation of Lucifer (Lucy for short). The first issue ends on a hell (hey look a pun) of a cliff hanger involving Lucy that sets up what I assume will be the story for the rest of the arch.
Mckelvie and Gillen are at the top of their respective games on this to create a world that is immediately recognizable as our own but with an immensely satisfying touch of fantasy.
Gillen’s set up for this world is a lovely mix of creepy and mysterious. His flair for characterization continues from his run on “Young Avenger” to this book.
Makelvie’s status as one of Marvel’s top costume designers is on full display in this. Every character feels like they have their own style that stands out from the world, but still feels like a natural part of it.
“Wicked + Devine” is a relatively recent title, only having three issues out as of now. The first of which is an oversized issue (a longer than normal issue of a comic). It’s the perfect time to jump on if you are looking for a title that is not based on superheroes.
“Wicked + Devine” is 2.99 and issue and is available for 1.99 on comixology. It is also available as a DRM free PDF on the Publisher website Imagecomics.com.