/Recycling revamped

Recycling revamped

Photo Credit Nick "Chico" Hernandez
Photo Credit Nick “Chico” Hernandez
SC4’s new and improved recycling contract
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

This past spring semester, the staff at the Erie Square Gazette were intrigued by an anonymous e-mail tip that simply read: “Do you want to know the secret about SC4’s recycling program? How about there isn’t one.”
Well, being the inquisitive reporters that we are here at the ESG, we followed up on the lead. I personally led a small team of reporters dedicated to finding this deep dark secret lurking beneath the campus halls. Either that or a wild goose running around on the grounds.
To our surprise we did find that for an undisclosed amount of time, SC4’s recycling program was in fact, non-existent. The rest is history as the story was published in our last paper of the spring semester. However I, along with the entire editorial staff of the ESG, am proud to announce a new contract has been acquired.
According to SC4’s Marketing Manager Martha Pennington, as of May the school employed the services of Marcotte Disposal Inc.
Not only does this company symbolize a sigh of relief from the environmental consciences students and faculty, but also a fresh breath of excitement. As of now, SC4 recycles cardboard as well through the services of Marcotte.
Good job readers, through the power of your press and the voices of your concern you made an impactful difference in your school.