/R.I.P free printing

R.I.P free printing

SC4 charging printing fees
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

It’s a scandal! It’s a conspiracy! No, it’s printing charges!
It’s back to school and SC4 students will notice a few changes this semester, one in particular being the new printing charges.
According to the SC4 Library, all printing now must be done through a student’s SC4 profile. A student logs on and gives the money to a librarian. A student’s account must hold a dollar minimum at all times before printing anything. The charges stand at fifteen cents for black and white, and sixty cents for color.
“I think it’s unfair, in the four semesters I’ve been here we’ve gotten by just fine without it,” said sophomore Emily May, “It’s really inconvenient for people without computers. Also, I know that color ink is more expensive, but should the price really go up that much?”
To some, the printing charges are more than a frustration; it means a shift in budget as well.
“It’s terrible, because for two of my classes I have to print out these Power Point packets and I don’t have Microsoft at home. The packets are around twenty-six pages, so they’re not cheap,” says concerned Sophomore Claire Schmoling,
Schmoling lives alone in her apartment and with the high costs of rent, every cent counts. “It’s really expensive; per semester I’m going to spend around five dollars per month, and adding on to rent, and gas the money really adds up” Schmoling said.
While many students may view this change as King George taxing student tea, it is possible that this plan was always in the works.
“In the past we’ve issued students printing punch cards,” says a librarian who wishes to remain anonymous, “It was a mess, students were losing them and they would get damaged. The period of free printing could have just been a transition period.”
For now at least, the change is here to stay. Students, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and make your concerns heard.
This is your school, and you have the power to change it.