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The-Sims-4-Sims 4’s new base is strong, but falls short to its predecessors
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor

“Why can’t I just build a pool?” is one of the many questions Sims fans are asking while still trying to create their dream homes.
Without pools.
EA Games made life long fans of The Sims ecstatic when they announced the newest addition to the series, Sims 4, but fell a bit short when they also announced a new game engine.
This is where the problems start to pile up.
The whole idea of the new engine was to make the creation process for each Sim more diverse. The outcome was fantastic, until it became a hassle.
Each Sim can be changed in any way, shape, or for. And honestly, it made the game feel like a burden.
No longer can you just make a family to goof around with. You have to invest time and effort just to make a character, only to also build their house and find them a job.
That is a large draw on the game, however, the engine created a problem that was unforeseen.
Pools cannot be built, which in retrospect, may seem like a small issue, but a less advanced engine. The one that powered The Sims, from 14 years ago, could handle the rendering of a pool.
So, the pools aside, other small details have been left out. No toddlers and a plethora of terrifying glitches (when a Sim wakes up from a nap, their fingers should not morph into what can only be described as nightmarish spider creatures) pulls the player out of the game and closer to going back to Sims 3.
While the game has its problems, EA Games did create a fun edition to The Sims series that will hopefully be fixed by updates and be enjoyed for years to come.
Now, excuse me while I go build my dream home.
Without pools.