/Letter from the Editor: Our first issue

Letter from the Editor: Our first issue

Angie Stoecklin

With a new semester beginning, and therefore a new year, also comes a new staff for the Erie Square Gazette. As Editor-in-chief of this beloved community college paper, I feel as if I have big shoes to fill.
When I first started writing for the ESG as a staff writer, I did not foresee becoming the Editor-in-Chief some two years later. But I feel as though I belong here.
While I have no intention of making sweeping revolutionary changes to this paper, there are a few things that readers may find a bit different. This semester, the ESG is facing a few shortages in the staff department. Luckily we have acquired a few more writers, but still lack a Sports Editor and a Webmaster.
Because of having fewer staff writers than previous semesters, I feel like this is a good opportunity to focus more on campus, after all, we are the SC4 student paper.
But other than the campus section, I would also like to bring more attention to and cover stories in our music section. Now readers, correct me if I am wrong, but music seems to play a huge part in the lives of college students. And, living in Port Huron, we are blessed with many independent musicians in this small town of ours.
So, as readers I encourage you to pay attention to local music artists, and if any of them strike your ear, do not hesitate to contact the ESG for a band or musician cover.
Of course, there are other things to cover than just campus and music; I would also like to increase our communication with students. So if any of you readers have any concerns with what we cover, or have a story in mind that you would like to see us feature, feel free to contact me via my e-mail information below.
I hope that my goals play out this school year. I am aware that to some we may seem like just a community college paper, but I would very much like to see us continue to succeed in being a strong publication that is enjoyable to read.

Contact Angie at angelastoecklin0814@gmail.com