/Finding art in nature

Finding art in nature

Photo Credit: Lia Martinez
Photo Credit: Lia Martinez
Spiral Gallery features Elizabeth Wilcome
Lia Martinez
Staff Writer

As most students may know, Studio 1219 features SC4 Alumni in the spiral gallery to show their support for our local artists. This month, Elizabeth Wilcome will be lining up the walls with her display of nature-inspired art.
From the first second you walk in through the door it’s easily recognizable that nature was Wilcome’s muse for this showcase.
“Nature plays a really big part in what I do,” said Wilcome, “I think most people don’t go out and look at it and they don’t see it and they don’t understand how beautiful and massive this structure is.”
When one walks into the gallery, beams of sunlight reflect across each painting in a twinkling dance bringing out the natural beauty of the paintings. Nature reaches out through every tree branch and sings out through every creature carefully crafted on the canvases. Her creations dare the human eye to question how these were created from mere brush strokes as opposed to the simple click of a button.
For those nature lovers out there, or for people looking to fall in love with the natural wonders this world has to offer, take a few minutes out of your day and check out WIlcome’s gallery.
Her show case will be open to the public from now until Sept. 30. Stop by at Studio 1219 at 1219 Military street in downtown Port Huron and experience the beauty of nature encompassed in her pieces.
For more information on Elizabeth Wilcome or her art, visit her website at elizabethwilcome.com.