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Yelling about comics: Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo and other strangeness. volume four
Atomic Robo and other strangeness. volume four

Zack Penzien
Production Editor


Not all comic books are based around super-powered white dudes in capes and tights. While that is a larger piece of the pie chart than it should be, it’s not the only slice.
“Atomic Robo” is a comic that embraces the fun and pulpy side of comics that it seems the superhero comics are just remembering its ok to have.
The basics of the story are that Nikola Tesla invented an artificially intelligent robot to fight Nazis in World War 2. The comic chronicles his adventures throughout his life protecting the world from mechs, mutants, and giant ants with the help of his action scientists.
“Atomic Robo” has embraced and took up the mantle of the pulp sci-fi adventure and it is incredible. The pages of “Atomic Robo” are filled with jetpacks, dinosaurs with machine guns, robots, and Steven Hawking being a dick.
Every 5 issue arch is pretty self-contained and you don’t need a whole lot of knowledge from the last story to find out what’s going on. Robo shows up at a place or is called to it, has an adventure, punches a giant monster or robot, then science happens, and were out. It’s a great and versatile formula and it’s just the best.
But what makes this comic different from the main stream stuff is what the creators call “The Promise.” What the promise means is no angst, no cheese cake (sexy for the sake of sexy), no reboots, and no filler. Even the best Marvel and DC offerings are guilty of at least one of those sins.
The book is creator owned, so the same writer and artists who created Robo have been working on the title since its inception. So the quality of the comic has been pretty solid throughout the run.
If you are interested in a sample of what “Atomic Robo” has to offer, they have every free comic book day sample issue at www.Atomic-robo.com/free-comics.