The SC4 Skippers play hard in the 2014 Softball standings. Photo credit: MCCAA

Season stopped cold

Michigan weather wreaks havoc on Skippers softball

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

The SC4 Skippers play hard in the 2014 Softball standings. Photo credit: MCCAA
The SC4 Skippers play hard in the 2014 Softball standings. Photo credit: MCCAA

When the 2014 seasonal schedule was released for Skippers softball, the team was granted a packed schedule full of MCCAA conference matchups. Little did the team know, the Michigan weather would play a bigger part in their season than they would.
The Skippers’ season was cut short by 14 cancellations, and 12 postponements due to weather, preventing the Skippers from finding time to complete a full season.
Snow still falling from the sky made an unplayable field commonplace in Skippers’ season.
MCCAA softball regulation states that a postponed game may not be played more than 10 days passed the originally scheduled game, and conference games take precedence over non-conference games.
This rule really made the Skippers’ season a difficult one to play, as games were being cancelled every other day so their conference games could be played.
“It totally killed us,” says pitcher, Katie Nietzke.
“We are rushing to get all of our games in and get our season done, and we are on the road a lot,” said Nietzke.
The Skippers have qualified for the NJCAA District H tournament, but needed to complete their inner-conference games before they could advance to the post season.
Paige Fillipowski, a first year outfielder, believes that the Michigan weather had a slight impact on their season.
“I think it had a little bit of an effect because of all the delays,” said Fillipowski, “we practiced when we could, but the field was always so bad…there’s only so much you can do.”
With a bumpy road to a now 8-19 record, the Skippers are trying to regroup after a busy end of the season, to be a refreshed team as they take on conference rival, Mott CC, on May 7th.
Playing Mott four times in the season, the Skippers have only won one game, being the most recent on May 1st, 6-3.
“We are going to go in there and give it our all,” said Fillipowski, “we can definitely beat Mott with the right mindset.”
The Skippers softball team has never won an MCCAA Championship, and the last time they won the eastern conference was in 2008 under head coach, Ron Matthews.

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