//Recycled excuses
Is recycling a myth?

Recycled excuses

SC4 recycling is a myth

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

“Recycling is sexy”

While walking on campus, most students have probably seen one of the eight student-made recycling bins throughout the buildings. They give a sense of reassurance to students, a promise that SC4 is being responsible with their garbage.
What if it were all a lie?
“It’s all being thrown away right now,” said Mark Polly of SC4 maintenance staff. According to the maintenance crew and SC4’s Marketing Manager Martha Pennington, as of now the recycling program here at the college is non-existent.
“We believe we’ll have it up and running as soon as we can, it is definitely a priority to us,” said Pennington. According to Pennington, the recycling program has been put on hold due to the retirement of Tom Donavan, who was the school’s director of Physical Plant.
But how soon is soon?
According to both Pennington and Polly, SC4 has a contract out right now to replace Green Earth Recycling, the school’s former recycling contract. But with that being said, Pennington says she doesn’t know for sure how long the school has gone without a recycling contract, or how long it will be until a new contract is found.
Donavan says recycling is a campus wide effort that includes students and faculty. “I was in charge as director. That duty is now under the direction of Vice President Kramer.”
So even though the contract was in limbo when Donavan retired, the recycling program is never up to just one man.
According to Pennington, the school is still in recycling limbo, and says that the school does not know how long it has been in-between recycling plants.
The college has made no effort to publicize this information.

Student reactions
“I’m a little angry. Why put the bins out if you’re not actually going to recycle? I recycle, and this really irritates me. I feel like the college is lying to me,” said SC4 student Travis Nedison.

“To be honest, I thought it might be that way. I don’t know why. I had suspicions. I heard this from somewhere else. It’s upsetting truly to hear that. Some people really do take that seriously. It’s a disappointment. If there’s no use for it, why have the bins?” stated Abdu Anaimi.

Sean Lathrop, President of Student Government said, “I was surprised. I’m saddened that the college hasn’t done anything about it, considering how proud they are of being a green college. SC4 will scream proudly that we have these solar panels, but then put a plastic bag on Mother Nature’s head.”

“That’s not cool. I go out of my way to put the plastic in plastic and the cans in cans. I’m offended because it was a lie,” said next year’s Student Government President James Woolman.

Staff writers Kris Reynolds and Nick “Chico” Hernandez contributed to this report.