/Professional Development Day
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Professional Development Day

SC4 to host career and business building seminar

Kristopher Reynolds
Staff Writer

On May 16th SC4 will be hosting a Professional Development day.
Even better, the event is free.
This is the second installment of the twice yearly conference. The theme this time around will be “Spring Ahead: Moving to the Next Level.”
The event will feature five different workshops of which attendees can choose the two that most interest them. All sessions are geared towards developing professional business standards, knowledge, and etiquette. This includes aid in business website construction, enhancing culture and efficacy in the workplace, selecting good team members, and working with the community to better both the community and the business.
The seminar will conclude with lunch and the chance network with other professionals.
The RSVP date was April 25th. Anyone with questions or comments can contact Pauline Schwanitz at (810) 989-5793 or peschwanitz@sc4.edu.
For more information on the day and workshops included, go to www.sc4.edu/workforce.