/Meet the amazing Avrie Dunsmore
Commencement speaker Avrie Dunsmore, Photo credit: Avrie Dunsmore

Meet the amazing Avrie Dunsmore

SC4’s commencement speaker revealed

Jenelle Kalaf
Staff Writer

Comencment speaker Avrie Dunsmore chillin’ at home. Photo credit: Avrie Dunsmore
Comencment speaker Avrie Dunsmore chillin’ at home. Photo credit: Avrie Dunsmore

Commencement for SC4 brings out the best in all graduates and honors the work that they’ve done.
Selected to be the key note speaker for this year’s commencement ceremony, Avrie A. Dunsmore, 23, hopes to bring that to light.
Dunsmore is graduating with her associates degree in applied arts and science degree in office administration.
The Commencement speaker is selected by a nomination and interview process with SC4 faculty and a specific committee designated to plan for the commencement ceremony.
“I got a message from Chris Sebastian from SC4, and he told me he had a question for me,” Dunsmore explained.
“I wasn’t expecting it. I had been taking a lot of online classes the last couple of years, because it was more convenient for my schedule. I wasn’t even expecting to be nominated. When he called me, I was surprised,” Dunsmore said. “It was a very humbling phone call.”
According to Dunsmore, not everyone was as taken aback by the news. “My mom wasn’t surprised when I told her,” she laughed.
“My speech is complete and submitted, and now I’m in rehearsal mode,” Dunsmore commented.
“I don’t have any type of stage fright, but I have a feeling right before I get on stage, I might get anxious.”
Dunsmore’s life isn’t just all about college and speeches, though.
Dunsmore works full time and takes online classes. She lives with her husband, Justin Dunsmore, in Port Huron.
“It all keeps me pretty busy,” Dunsmore said with a laugh.
After SC4, Dunsmore plans on going to Walsh College to obtain her bachelors in general business.
She does plan on staying at SC4 for a while to get a few more credits before moving on.
“SC4 just has great flexibility,” Dunsmore said. “I love that the faculty has actually had experience in their fields.”
Dunsmore, honored by the decision for her to speak feels great.
“It’s really made my associates degree feel finalized,” Dunsmore said.
SC4’s 90th annual Commencement ceremony is at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 9 in the McMorran Place Main Arena. The event is free and open to the public.