/Listen bud, this movie’s got radioactive blood
Amazing Spiderman 2 poster

Listen bud, this movie’s got radioactive blood

Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Amazing Spiderman 2 poster
Amazing Spiderman 2 poster

Peter Parker’s life is as crazy as ever, and in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Parker faces off three villains while trying to manage his personal life.
Spider-Man 2 swung into theaters May 2, with a great cast, breath taking CGI and a $92M opening weekend box office.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a sensational opener to summer block buster, and here’s why.
According to MSNentertainment.com Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a 92M box office opening weekend
Those who had any doubts about Andrew Garfield in the last ASM need to fear no longer, this time around ol’ web seems to be taken straight out of his wise-cracking-jokester self. The screenwriters, the director, and Andrew Garfield have done their homework in order to bring audiences the Spider-Man we all know and love.
Of Course Emma Stone is just as brilliant as the last time around, her chemistry with Garfield is something that can’t be beat. She never gives Peter the “you choose Spider-Man, or me,” ultimatum. Instead she insists on being the Bonnie to his Clyde in a way that is believable and adorable at the same time.
Harry Osborn, on the other hand… unfortunately there isn’t a lot to differentiate James Dehan’s portrayal from James Franco other than the fact that the spoiled rich kid angle is highlighted. The motive for his Spider-Man obsession is changed, but it’s still there. However it’s excusable because Harry’s Spidey obsession is a core tenant in his character arch.
Sony is taking mainstream Marvel head on, competing with The Avengers by introducing a larger world. How this spider-verse differs from the mainstream Marvel Universe as Spidey doesn’t have a plethora of heroes that Sony draws from, but rather a plethora of villains.
The wall crawler faces not one, not two, but three villains in this new chapter in Peter’s life: Electro, The Rhino, and an old favorite, The Green Goblin.
Learning from past mistakes (cough, cough, Spider-Man 3) Sony uses Paul Giomatti’s Rhino and The Goblin, whose identity shall remain a secret, in the movie to establish a larger world, however, the characters are strong enough on their own to influence his world in drastic ways.
The narrative becomes a little cluttered at times because it draws from three different stories almost:

1) Peter’s relationship with Gwen and the ghosts of his past
2) Spider-Man protecting the city and balancing peter’s life
3) Peter’s friendship with Harry Osborn

This many plotlines does force the film to stray away from a strict linear format, while this may come to a distaste to some people as it takes away from Jamie Foxx’s Electro a bit, it is done in a skilled manner which doesn’t take away from the larger story.
It is a refresher to see a film that isn’t afraid to take a risk with its narrative.
The movie is a great installment to this new spider-man franchise that is filled with moments that will have you biting your nails and running for the tissue box.