/Closing thoughts from the newsroom

Closing thoughts from the newsroom

“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

Erick Fredendall

topEvery year around springtime in student newspapers all across the country, student editors hit their keyboards and start penning their farewell columns.
And while it might seem cliché, in this instance I argue tradition should be upheld. We have a lot to talk about.
First and foremost, to our readers: thank you. The student, faculty, and community support the Gazette has seen over the last semester has inspired and uplifted us. In a day where the running joke in student media-sphere is the only people who read the student newspaper are the writers and the collegiate Public Relations department, the amount of people who read our newspaper and reach out to compliment or share feedback with the staff is both humbling and inspiring.
The academic year kickstarted with a rebranding of our logo and a transition from the traditional broadsheet template to a tabloid. We moved on to expanded sections, and even made some new ones; the Music section has garnered expansive support and recognition from the Port Huron music community and our Lifestyle section has allowed our student writers to create even more engaging dialogue with the student body.
We’re also happy to announce a generous donation of new distribution bins has been clear by the college administration. The bins are courtesy of the Macomb Daily and 21st Century Media and were brought about with the help of SC4 student Kathy Brady.
The Gazette anticipates having the bins around campus by the fall 2014 semester.
I’d like to take a moment to praise the unsung heroes of the newsroom, the editorial staff: the production crew, Zachary Penzien and his assistant, Emily Mainguy, the copy editor, Angela Stoecklin, the photography editor, Elizabeth Whittemore, the managing editor, Gregory Garofalo, and our web editor, Polly Miller.
Recognition also goes out to the ESG staff for providing excellent content for the paper and to our advisor, John Lusk, for his guidance and quotes of wisdom.
Finally, as excellent as our staff is, the one constant of the student newsroom is the nature of change: the Erie Square Gazette is looking for new talent to fill editorial positions and staff writers to fill the paper. Those interested in writing for the paper and/or fill an editorial position are encouraged to reach out to us at eriesquaregazette@gmail.com.
Have a good summer, SC4.anotherone