Career Fair opens gate of employment to all

SC4 plays host to several companies at Career Fair

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

Mike Horsey (left) talks with Keith Howe (right) about employment opportunities with Fastenal.

Mike Horsey (left) talks with Keith Howe (right) about employment opportunities with Fastenal.
Photo credit: Nick “Chico” Hernandez

People of all ages came out to St. Clair County Community College on April 23 in hopes of lining themselves up with a job. Upon entering the cafeteria or Alumni room, the jive of salesmen and talkback of prospective employees showed that the Career Fair had landed on SC4’s doorstep once again.
From the Speedway gas station to Port Huron Hospital and all the way up to the State of Michigan; there seemed to be clear evidence that the local job market is in an upswing. A total of 46 tables from varying companies were set up in the cafeteria and Alumni room.
Most companies reported a good turnout of people, with the Secretary of State claiming to have received over 40 résumés. Most companies admitted to have participated in the Career Fair in previous years, but this year, some new tables were set up.
Verizon Wireless was one such fresh face, stating that they had “steady traffic” and “students, alumni, and community; we’ve had it all.”
Mike Horsey, 18, of Port Huron said that he had come to the Career Fair to “find a new challenge.” Horsey also added that he is a “natural salesman,” which then started a conversation between Keith Howe, a district manager of Fastenal, and himself.
Another citizen of the community that came to the Career Fair was Mark Ryan, 28, of Marysville. “I’ve been down on my luck for the last year trying to find a job, and this job fair was exactly what I needed,” Ryan said.
“It sure seems like a lot of people came out to this thing. The best thing that could happen is employment for all,” added Ryan.
William Warner, 28 and a student of SC4, said that he was “pleasantly surprised there were more [tables] this year.” Warner also expressed disappointment in not being able to find a job that offered anything to do with accounting, which would mirror his major.
“I think this is an up and coming event for the campus.” Warner added.

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