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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cap is back

Captain America: The Winter Soldier stands strong

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor


BAM! POW! “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” swings open the gate to summer movies. Reeling in a $96 million opening weekend at the box office. it is one of the strongest Marvel movies to date.
And here’s why:

– It brought back a level of reality to the Marvel universe: Over the past six years, Marvel has introduced their audiences to exciting foes such as Nazi super soldiers, techno-terrorists, radioactive monsters, demi gods and even aliens.
In this Captain America sequel, the high has worn off and the dragons have left. Even though the movie has heavy sci-fi elements, it definitely feels the most grounded out of the Marvel movies. Giving the film a feeling of a fresh start, the audience doesn’t feel burdened by eight previous movies.

– Social commentary was natural and didn’t feel forced: Captain America, both in the comics and in the movies stands as a symbol of freedom and liberty. Marvel and the Russo brothers take complete advantage of this and bring in a lot of modern day national concerns. Primarily the line between security and liberty. One particular memorable quote comes to mind “This isn’t freedom, this is fear… [you’re] holding a gun to the rest of the world and calling it freedom.”

– Strong Characters, and good development of Black Widow and Nick Fury: One thing Marvel has always been adept at is crafting strong characters, this movie is no exception. Now that The Avengers saved the day we’re able to take a look at how Cap has grown as a character, before we saw a man fighting for freedom, and here we see a man fighting to preserve it.
Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, gets her largest role yet. Before we’ve seen Black Widow the Superhero, and now we see Natasha the woman. Marvel does an excellent job revealing a more human side to the tough as nails heroine seen in Avengers.
Nick Fury is another big name that has been given more defined role, not just a mysterious leader of a secret agency. Audiences are shown just what Nick’s role is and why he keeps the secrets that he does.

– New characters hold their own: Anthony Mackie is a new face to the Cap-verse, playing iconic superhero The Falcon. Mackie does a great job holding his own amidst two Avengers, becoming a character with not only a definite purpose in the film, but is someone you will hope and pray to be in future Captain America and Avenger films.

– Changes to the Marvel Universe, not just the hero: Unlike previous post-Avengers movies which take the hero out of the larger world, The Winter Soldier shakes things up not just for Steve Rogers, but for the whole world Marvel has established that has already affected Marvel’s agents of SHIELD, and will no doubt affect Avengers: Age of Ultron next May.

– Organic special effects: In a world of digital effects swarming the world around us, practical effects can take a back seat (thank you George Lucas and James Cameron.) The Russo brothers bring in a slew of Organic explosions and fight scenes that are so well choreographed you will forget that you have the ability to blink.