A young team misses the mark

Skippers slump into 11th place of MCCAA standings

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

11 out of 14 ain’t bad, right?

The SC4 Skippers fail to achieve a playoff berth, and obtain a less than pretty overall record. Photo credit: MCCAA

The SC4 Skippers fail to achieve a playoff berth, and obtain a less than pretty overall record. Photo credit: MCCAA

When talking baseball, hitting 3 out of 10 balls and batting .300 is Hall of Fame worthy, and throwing 11 strikes out of 14 pitches is god-like, but for the Skippers, 11 out of 14 isn’t so flattering.
Coach Scott Tesluck, coming to SC4 for his first full year as head coach, has a team that is ranked 11th out of the 14 MCCAA teams.
Naming the three teams that rank under the Skippers baseball team would be easier than naming the 10 semi-elite teams that are cruising past them in the rankings.
Ancilla, Lansing, and Henry Ford are all lacking in the standings, yet two of the three teams have a more appealing record compared to the Skippers.
Lansing is playing at an overall of .405 at 15-22 and Henry Ford is playing around a .382 at 13-21, yet the Skippers are moseying around .281 at 9-23.
Since April 10, the Skippers have won only 5 of their 20 matchups, coming out on top against Ancilla, Jackson, Henry Ford, and Glen Oaks.
Last year the Skippers ended the season at an overall .525 at 21-19, just missing the post-season under Tesluck’s interim supervision.
After the disappearance of Mike Greene, former coach of the Skippers, Tesluck took over the team and finished strongly in 2013, but the tables have turned in 2014.
One cannot jump the gun and blame Tesluck for all the woes of the team, but the Skippers haven’t won the eastern conference since 1981, and according to MCCAA.org, they haven’t won a championship since their self-proclaimed dynasty from 1974 to 1976.
Looking for a title of some sort, the Skippers are plagued not only by the inability to succeed in a demanding league, but by the inability to actually play in 2014.
The constant cancellations and postponements had the Skippers on the run and go, as new games were popping up every other day due to rescheduling.
Many causes of an unsuccessful season could be attributed to the Skipper slump, but the amateur and rookie coaching staff, as well as the players may be a prominent cause.
Assistant Jordan Rhody is in his second season with the team, and Larry Monsurak and Cam Ciaciuch are both in their first season with the organization.
With a young coaching staff, a young team, and young aspirations; the Skippers have plenty to work on in the offseason, as this year’s post-season seems like it will miss their grasps.

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