/The thigh gap; is it attainable?
Photo credit, Liz Whittemore

The thigh gap; is it attainable?

Fitness trend that hits below the belt

Liz Whittemore
Photo Editor

If “thinspiration” wasn’t scary enough, just when you thought there’s no other way the female body can be picked apart, along comes another fitness obsession.
Having a thigh gap has become a fitness trend that idolizes women having a gap or clear space between the inner-thighs underneath their vagina when they stand with their legs together.
But is it attainable? Yes and no.
Thigh gapless, plus size model Robyn Lawley was attacked on social media after modeling lingerie. The 6-foot-2 inch, 180 pound woman was called “too fat” and a “pig” because she did not have a thigh gap.
Bone structure plays a huge role. According to Fitness Blender, women with larger set hips are likelier to have a natural thigh gap because of their bone structure. Their femoral bones are set further apart than women with a narrow frame.
“I think if it’s natural or attained through healthy activities, it’s attractive. It depends on your body type. If I was really fit, there’s no way I would have a thigh gap,” said Jeanne Palmateer, a Blue Water Middle College student.
Michelle Moran, co-manager of Algonac Health and Fitness, has seen many women come in intending on achieving a thigh gap.
“I know of one girl who starved herself trying to get it. She was already a small girl, but carried her weight in her butt and thighs. Her goal was unreachable; as far as I’m concerned it’s all genetics,” said Michelle Moran, co-manager at Algonac Health and Fitness. “It’s like trying to grow bigger boobs.”
Adopting a crazy diet will not help and many websites that give a how-to on achieving a thigh gap stress the importance of being realistic and knowing your body’s limits. Doing exercises that focus on the inner-thighs may help tone the muscles and help pronounce a thigh gap.

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