/St. Clair County Earth Fair

St. Clair County Earth Fair

Make going green eco-easy

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

St. Clair County’s annual Earth Fair begins on Friday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and continues into Sat. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Goodells Park on County Park Drive in Goodells.
Admission and parking are free, courtesy of the event’s sponsors.
According to the website, earthdayfair.com, St. Clair County Earth Fair has been a growing event for the past 11 years. Starting with a few visitors and eight vendors, the website predicts this year will draw approximately 7,000 visitors and 65 vendors.
The fun begins at the gate when each visitor will receive a map showing where everything is located.
The Earth Fair will have hands on activities for all and crafts for the little ones, all of which are included in the free admission.
On Friday, schools located all over St. Clair County will be taking their students on a field trip to attend.
According to the Earth Fair’s website, Saturday will consist more of families.earthfair2

“SC4 will be showing off their bicycle generators as they have done in the past,” said Bob Hunckler, Professor of Geography.
Hunckler suggests watching the weather because all the displays are in the barns.
“If it is windy that day the barns will feel like wind tunnels,” Hunckler said. Some of the events include a live birds of prey show, presented by the Howell Nature Center, a Tree and Shrub sale, organic food and farming, renewable energy, face painting, free trolley rides, and many more.
For more information on the St. Clair County Earth Fair, visit the webpage, earthdayfair.com, for a full list of events.
Goodells Park is located at 8345 County Park drive, Goodells.