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So here we are

So Here We Are

A film from one generation to the other

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Age, how do we deal with it? To many, specifically college students, getting older is but a mere concept that is far away. Travis Boone not only delivers his film “So Here We Are” in a skilled artistic manor, but he also brings a generation that’s beyond his years down to a relatable narrative.
The film is an unscripted armature documentary by Boone who was asked to record the lives of the elderly residents of Lake Huron Woods Retirement Home.
“All I did was walk into the place, turn on the big red button that said record,” Boone said, describing his experience making the film, “And that’s it, they did everything else.”
Following the quirky misadventures of the elderly residents of the home, Boone focuses on not the struggles of aging but the graces such as, longevity and a loving family. The constant theme of the film is “No matter what age, you’re as young as you feel.”
The title: “So Here We Are” describes the film to a tee, as Boone explains:
“So Bad things happen, good things happen, just stand where you are. To me the title is: “we’ve been here now let’s just keep on living.”
The house was packed, filled with spectators, friends, and even a few of the stars themselves. One memorable star was Boone’s grandmother. A touching highlight was when Boone’s Grandmother’s tears swelled up with happiness as she told her grandson how proud she was of him.
The only flaw of the film was a shaky camera from time to time, however every lover of the art of film knows that it is the small imperfections that give a piece character.
With Boone’s film there is a level of reality that is refreshing to see, and over all a great early chapter in the promising film career of Travis Boone.