/Progress made, budget revised
Secratary Mary Hawtin, president Kevin Pollock, and chairperson of the board Nicholas DeGrazia, watch the Criminal Justice presentation by Jim Jones. Photo credit Angie Stoecklin

Progress made, budget revised

Board of trustees reviews CJ program and budget

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

The SC4 board of trustees meeting on April 17 consisted mostly of budget reviews, and a PowerPoint presentation by Jim Jones updating the board on the Criminal Justice program.
During the update on the Criminal Justice program, Jones provided clarification as to why students were dropping out of the program.
“Often students may feel that this is not a program they wanted to go into. It’s a stressful career field,” Jones said.
But despite the dropouts, Criminal Justice provides an array of career opportunities ranging from law enforcement and homeland security, jobs at Blue Water Safe Horizons, or substance abuse programs.
An overview of the opportunities in Criminal Justice included getting students involved in community service. Criminal Justice students participated in charities such as Dream Catchers for Abused Children, Suicide Prevention walk, Law Enforcement torch run, and the Walk against Child Abuse.
Jones’s presentation received many approving head nods from members of the board. Trustee Robert Tanksy was one of them.
“I think you’ve made a lot of progress,” Tansky said to Jones following the PowerPoint.
The meeting continued to highlight progress made within the college. Improvements mentioned were SC4’s support services, such as the math and writing centers, the addition of the Portal and the mobile app, modern technology, and quality instruction.
Kirk Kramer, vice president of administrative services at SC4, presented on the college’s budget. Although there has been a loss in revenue from state aid, public support now makes up 68.6 percent of the budget.
The loss in state aid is attributed to the decline in SC4’s property tax, less property tax means less state aid. However, between public support and tuition, the decline in state aid is made up for.
The board carried one motion in regards to the budget overview. An account formerly identified as “Faculty Travel Fund,” is now named “Trustee Professional Development Budget.”
The board’s chairperson, Dr. Nicholas DeGrazia, says that the name was changed to more accurately reflect the purpose of the account.
“The funds are used for informational sessions, including travel, such as conferences and webinars that cover subjects relevant to trustee responsibilities,” DeGrazia said.

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