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Contessa and Conchita , Photo credit Angie Stoecklin

Pet of the issue

Contessa and Conchita

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

Meet the sister’s Contessa and Conchita. These two Chihuahua and Jack Russel mixes are eight years old, and have been together their whole lives. For that reason, BWHS volunteer Bonnie Carpenter insists that they go to the same home.
Neither dog is very vocal. According to Carpenter, they hardly ever bark and they tend to keep to their own business; except for when they are snuggling with their humans.
Although both are generally quiet, they would not do well in a home with kids. Carpenter says the ideal home for them would be with an older couple, or a single man or woman with no children.
Because of their age, Contessa and Conchita are a part of BWHS’s “Senior to Senior” program. This means that if the adopter is 60 years or older, the sisters are free. If the adopter doesn’t meet the age requirement for the program, the fee is $50 for both dogs.
If anyone is interested in adopting these two, or any pet featured in the ESG, an anonymous donor has volunteered to help cover the adoption cost. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this offer should contact the Erie Square Gazette via the writers e-mail below.
For more information on Contessa and Conchita, contact the Blue Water Area Humane Society at 810-987-4357.

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