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Chris Strobbe, Corey Strobbe and Zach Nye of Manifest the Machine get in the studio for their upcoming 2014 release. Photo credit: Manifest the Machine

Manifest the Machine

Ambient music captures life’s emotions

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Behind the scenes of Port Huron, a heart filled story rings out, beckoning from the notes of a four piece, ambient post-rock band, known as Manifest the Machine.
Two brothers, Chris and Corey Strobbe, came together on guitar and drums with the help of Travis Boone on keyboard and Zach Nye on bass, to create an experimental and inspirational tone that has become groundbreaking to the city itself.
Opening for The Tiny Ugly Germs’ record release show at The SchwonkSoundStead this Saturday April 26, Manifest the Machine’s Christopher Strobbe, speaks out about his experiences in the band, the inspiration behind the music, and reveals himself as the man behind the mysterious mask.
ESG: What’s it like being in a band with your brother, Corey?
Chris: Well my dad has been involved with music his whole life, and ever since we were little we have been playing together. It started in a different band, and after that Manifest the Machine happened.
ESG: Originally, you self-titled yourself as a “three piece blues-rock band” via Facebook, how did that all change?
Chris: It was just me, my brother, and a bass player. Then Travis came in and our original bass player left and our new bassist, Zach, joined. That’s when we started making the change to experimental music.
ESG: Your first officially released track, “He Who Travels Fastest Travels Alone” is a thought provoking and enlightening track. What was the state of mind for the band when writing that song?
Chris: I guess it was more along the lines of being happy. We wanted to just release something and have people get a little bit of an idea of what we’re like. So we just started recording something with the simple guitar lead, and everything was built over that. If you watch the music video you’ll be able to tell exactly how we felt.
ESG: Your EP, Le Rêve, is a spine chilling tale of what seems to be a dream state of your character, Jacob. What was the inspiration behind that?
Chris: It was pretty much written while it was recorded. It started with the second song, pretty much completely done by Travis. He had this crazy idea, which had to do with Jacob’s Ladder [from Genesis 28:10-19] and wanted to name it Jacob’s Dream. We then were able to tell a story from that.
ESG: What’s up with the masks?
Chris: We just strive to be different and we always like to try new things, and it was just one of those ideas that came up and we decided to go for.
ESG: If you could give one piece of advice to your fans, what would it be?
Chris: Pretty much that we create music and we do what we do because we have fun and we like to do it. That would be the message – don’t worry about what other people think and do what you like to do and have fun doing it.
You can follow Manifest the Machine on twitter, @ManifestMachine, and on Facebook at facebook.com/manifestthemachine for more show announcements and music releases.
Catch the band at 1521 Seventh Street on April 26 to see Manifest the Machine live at The SchwonkSoundStead.
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