/Every vote counts
New student government (pictured from left to right) Tonya Snover, Brian Heidt, James Wilson, and William Warner. Photo credit Lily Petit

Every vote counts

New student government president wins by one vote

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

In an election that struggled to garner student support, the claim that every vote matters is demonstrated.
One vote away from victory, Rachel Gardner lost to William Warner for the position of student government president. Warner’s running mate, James Wilson, won vice president, while Tonya Snover took secretary and Briand Heidt returns to his role as treasurer with 80 votes to back him.
Voting took place on Monday, March 31 and Tues., April 1 in the lower level of the College Center Atrium. Campaign volunteers offered stickers and suckers on Tuesday to attract more voters.
Additionally, it was predicted that the new locale would draw more voters than the previous spot in the cafeteria. However, last year’s 100 voters was not exceeded this year. According to the student activities coordinator, Sarah Finnie, exactly 100 students voted this year.
So why aren’t students voting? Many said they didn’t because student government didn’t interest them. SC4 student, Leah Simasko, 18, said she “didn’t know when the elections and voting were going to take place.”
Current student government president, Sean Lathrop, wishes there had been more campaigning throughout the election season. Especially since this year so many students ran for positions. Last year there were three unopposed positions while this year there was only two.

“I Voted” stickers for students that voted in the student government elections. Photo credit: Lily Petit
“I Voted” stickers for students that voted in the student government elections. Photo credit: Lily Petit

“There’s too much respect for the other candidates,” Lathrop said of this year’s election. While in past years some of the campaigning has gotten nasty, at least people knew about the candidates.

When they take on their new roles as student government president and vice president, William Warner and James Wilson plan to bring their marketing and management perspective to the elections to encourage student voting.
Warner and Wilson hope to stay involved with the Marketing and Management Club, but will be stepping down from their positions as vice president and president.
Warner says that he liked the new location, but would put up more flyers, add some balloons, and attempt to incorporate ads on the TV’s located around campus.
Warner said he told students, “I don’t even care if you vote for me. At least come out and vote and let your voice be heard.”

Warner believes that students who vote now will be more politically active in their community in the future.
SC4 student and voter Jeanne Palmateer, 17, agreed that adding balloons might help attract people’s attention to the voting table. When asked why she voted, Jeanne responded, “I think it’s important to be involved in the decisions that affect you.”