/Calendar of events
April 2014

Calendar of events

April 24th – May 8th

April 26th – Lake Michigan College* (1PM)
April 29th – Delta College* (2PM)
May 3rd – Glen Oaks CC* (1PM)
May 6th – Macomb CC* (2PM)
May 8th – Mott CC* (2PM)

April 22nd – Henry Ford CC* (3PM)
April 25th – Oakland CC* (3PM)
April 26th – Delta College* (1PM)
April 29th – Mott CC* (1PM)
May 3rd – State Tournament

April 25th – SC4 Tournament (9:30AM)
April 28th – Wayne County CCD* (TBA)
May 2nd – Delta College (10AM)
May 5th and 6th – MCCAA Tournament (9AM)
bold denotes home games
*denotes MCCAA Eastern Conference game