/What we are listening to

What we are listening to


Zack Penzien
Artist: BabyMetal
Album: BabyMetal
Songs: Death, Head Banger, Gimme Chocolate
Genre: Metal/J-pop
“Take Metallica and replace the lead singer with three 16 year old Japanese girls into choreography, for no reason that makes sense it works.”


This CD cover released by Broken Bow Records shows the upcoming album "Night Train," by Jason Aldean. The album will be released on Oct. 16. (AP Photo/Broken Bow Records)Krysten Kean
Artist: Jason Aldean
Album: Night Train
Songs: Calls Me Baby, Night Train
Genre: Country
“Something to turn up and jam to when summer finally rolls around!”



AC-DCAustin Peterson
Artist: ACDC
Album: Back In Black
Songs: Hells Bells, Shoot To Thrill, You Shook Me All Night Long
Genre: Rock
“Makes me think of what it was like in the early 80’s! Reminds me of what my Dad and Grandpa used to listen to.”


Carrie UnderwoodMichayla Hernandez
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Blown Away
Songs: Good Girl, Blown Away
Genre: Country
“Her music is really inspirational and I was a huge fan of her back when she was on American Idol.”