/Warning: Zombies on campus
Left: Brittany Hein 17 from Avoca. Right: Tiffany Hein,19 from Avoca.

Warning: Zombies on campus

SC4 Makeup students learn to do zombie makeup application

Hannah Hunter
Staff Writer

“Now I must clean the blood off my magic wand,” said Stewart Reed, SC4 Stage Makeup class instructor. That cannot be said in many other classes may raise eyebrows, in makeup class, it’s completely normal.
THA 107 is offered in the fall and winter semester’s and takes place in SC4’s Fine Arts Building. According to Stewart Reed, there has been a makeup class offered at SC4 for a while, but only recently did he take on the role as instructor.

Photo 4: Alisha David, 21 from Port Huron, MI
Photo 4: Alisha David, 21 from Port Huron, MI

“Lisa Sturtridge was the teacher here before me, she died one day right before class and I was called in as an emergency replacement for the rest of the semester. So I’ve just continued on teaching since then. It will be 2 and half years this year that I’ve been teaching this class,” said Reed.
Even though SC4 is a community college, a wide variety of classes are offered. One of those classes is THA 107 (Stage Makeup).
In this class, students learn how to effectively apply stage makeup with practical supplies. Some of the applications can be done with common household products such as gelatin.

“Since I am in many shows I know some of the basics of makeup, but there’s still some aspects that I didn’t know well enough, so I thought getting more knowledge of it will help with future shows,” said SC4 student Dan Williams.
Registration for the fall semester opens April 16 and classes fill up quickly, so don’t forget to sign up.