/The SchwonkSoundStead
BWMA Producer of the Year, Randy Willis, resides in the throne of the newly established SchwonkSoundStead Studio located in the attic of 1521 Seventh Street. Photo credit: Liz Whittemore.

The SchwonkSoundStead

A century old home hosts Port Huron’s biggest bands

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Home town music has never sounded so sweet. Port Huron is graced by the SchwonkSoundStead, a savvy and inviting house venue located on 1521 Seventh Street.
The home built in 1914 premiered as an official venue on Sept. 10, 2011 with a Chicago native band, In Tall Buildings.
Brendan Kuras, owner of the house, opens his doors every couple of weeks to the community for a night filled with music, spirits, and smiles.
Accompanied by a recording studio in the attic, the SchwonkSoundStead, often referred to as “the Schwonk,” is fully loaded and ready to release studio recorded sessions from bands who have performed in prior months.
Kuras has taken on help from Blue Water Music Award 2013 winners Rich Cox, who won this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Producer of the Year recipient, Randy Willis.
The attempt to create a venue incorporated with a live studio session recording is the goal for these three men.
“We have bands like 52 Commercial Road, Gasoline Gypsy, and Never Ender,” Kuras said, “we have four or five things on deck ready to release.”
On Feb. 28, the SchwonkSoundStead hosted Hatchetmen and Gasoline Gypsy.
The event attracted over fifty people, shoulder to shoulder in a house turning a century old this year.
The Schwonk hosts an array of bands, which attracts a wide variety of age groups.
“Music is music and it speaks to the soul,” said Dick Lonczynski, vocalist and guitarist of Hatchetmen, “I don’t pay much attention to the age differences.”
With a growing popularity, the Schwonk hosts returning veterans, yet ropes in new attendees each show.
“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away,” said first time attendee, Tina Morrison, “it’s so welcoming.”
Coming up in the next months for the Schwonk, a band previously featured in the Erie Square Gazette called The Tiny Ugly Germs will be releasing their first album on Sat., April 26 with special acts from Manifest the Machine and Mountain Babies.
“We’re just getting started,” said Willis.
Those looking for a night out and good music need look no further than the SchwonkSoundStead, where you will be greeted at the door by a majestic German Shepherd named Frank, and the inviting environment of musicians and music lovers alike.