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SC4 Student government elections

William Warner and James WoolmanWilliam Warner and James Woolman

Presidential candidate William Warner is pursuing an associate in accounting, and is accompanied by his running mate for vice president, James Woolman, who is pursuing an associate degree in both marketing and management.
“Our primary focus is to promote a more active mentoring program for clubs and to improve the communication between student government and the campus,” Warner said.
Both Warner and Woolman currently hold positions in SC4’s Marketing and Management Club, where Woolman serves as president and Warner serves as vice president.



Terrence Warner and Rachael GardnerRachael Gardner and Terrence Warner

Presidential candidate Rachael Gardner, sophomore, is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in management through the SC4 to Walsh College program offered at SC4. Terrence Warner, her running mate, is a freshman at SC4 pursuing an associate degree in criminal justice.
“We like the principles the current student government has established,” Gardner said, “we want to continue to expose students to new events, more campus life.”
Gardner is a member of the Health and Wellness Club and is active in work-study programs at SC4. She has also worked in the Financial Aid, Advising, Trio, and Enrollment Services. She is currently an English tutor for the college. Warner is a member of the Criminal Justice Club. Both students participate in the Trio program offered by the college.


Brian Heidt and Tonya SnoverBrian Heidt and Tonya Snover

Sophomore Brian Heidt is pursuing an associate degree in accounting and is looking to be re-elected to his position of treasurer for the 2014-2015 academic year.
Tonya Snover is also a sophomore; she is studying for an associate degree in general business, and is a write-in candidate for the secretary position in the coming election.
Aside from being the current treasurer, Heidt is a member of both the Marketing and Management Club and the Gay-Straight Alliance. He is also the business editor of the Erie Square Gazette.
Snover is the current secretary/communication director for the Marketing and Management Club, and is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.



Melissa Whitesell (not pictured)

Sophomore Melissa Whitesell is a Blue Water Middle College student studying for a liberal arts associate degree at SC4. She is running for the position of vice president of student government.
“I’d love helping out the college. I’d like to see different things with the Stressbreaker and with student academics, seeing more creative ways to challenge our students,” Whitesell said.
Whitesell has attended multiple club meetings to observe the proceedings, but she is not involved in any student organizations.