/Returning club seeks members

Returning club seeks members

Criminal Justice club making a positive comeback

Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

Breaking news, SC4’s Criminal Justice Club is back and looking for members. The club has been in probation status due to of lack of members’ and is now reinvented. The club is welcoming anyone, especially people that are interested in having careers in the criminal justice field.
Students who cannot make the meetings can join on the club’s official Facebook group, “St. Clair Community College Criminal Justice Club.”
All students are encouraged to come to the future meetings. There will be sign in sheets for students who are interested in joining the Criminal Justice Club.
According to Jim Jones, the Criminal Justice Club’s advisor and SC4’s criminal justice instructor, “Being a part of the Criminal Justice Club or any can help with networking, and becoming more active in a student’s community and in the college.”
The Criminal Justice Club meets every other Wednesday in room 203 in the North Building at 10:00 am. The next meeting is scheduled for March 12.
At the most recent club meeting, everyone in the club is very active in asking questions and was extremely inviting of new members. The atmosphere of the meeting was positive and welcoming. The club was very aware of what was going on and got straight to the point.
The Criminal Justice Club is a “student club” and is a good place for students to learn information about the criminal justice field.
The Criminal Justice Club and many other clubs helps students develop leadership skills in the careers that they want to become a part of. Clubs also allow students to connect with different types of people. To be a part of any job takes a certain leadership skill, and those skills that can be strengthened in the Criminal Justice Club.