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The Raven review: classic movie night

Greg Garofalo
Managing Editor

The World is changing. With the twenty-first century breaking ground in its second decade, many films from the mid twentieth century, a period that is largely regarded as the Golden Age of film, are being lost within the years of history passing by.
However, the digital age makes these movies more available than ever before, and thanks to local venues like The Raven Cafe, the spirit of these films are carried on for years to come.
“It fits in with the theme of things, we have a younger crowd and it fits in with the atmosphere of the place,” said Kristen DeWitt, a barista at The Raven commenting on their movie nights, “It’s a cool vintage movie theater thing to do on Wednesday nights. And it really keeps these movies alive.”
Wednesday nights at 7:30, The Raven Café is the place to be. The lights go down, the coffee comes out, and classic movie night begins. Playing cult classics such as: “The Breakfast Club,” “A Christmas Story,” and “The Birds.” The café’s movie night is a definite hit with its customers.
This past Wednesday carried the torch of classics with the Cafe’s premiere of Casablanca, the tragic 1942 love story of Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund Lazlo.
Filled with action, passion, and a number of memorable quotes and strong actors like Humphrey Boggart and Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca is sure to be an American film classic for many years. And with outlets such as The Raven, younger generations will continue to experience these films for many years to come.
For more information on movie nights call The Raven Café at: 810-984-4330.