/Pet of the issue – Drum and Spud
Drum and Spud

Pet of the issue – Drum and Spud

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

Meet feline brothers Drum and Spud.
Both are male domestic shorthairs about 3 or 4 months old. They were brought into the humane society at 6 weeks old. They were then hand raised by a volunteer at the humane society.
Both of the cats are extremely lovable, a positive result from being hand raised. They are very playful, especially when it comes to playing tug of war with news reporter’s camera strap.
These two brothers stick together like glue, constantly grooming each other and sleeping next to each other. Therefore the volunteers at the humane society would like to see them go to homes together.
Their adoption fees are $100 each. An anonymous donor has offered to help out with adoption fees for any pet featured in the ESG.
This donor is not affiliated with the humane society so those interested should contact the Erie Square Gazette or Angela Stoecklin via the e-mail at the end of this article.
For more information on Spud or Drum, contact the Blue Water Area Humane Society at 810-987-4357.

Contact Angie at angelangelastoecklin0814@gmail.com