/One step at a time
EliteFeet est. 2008, caters to each foot individually

One step at a time

Elite Feet shoe store makes strides in Port Huron

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

Dustin Jenkins started Elite feet in 2008 because of his passion for running he developed while being in the marines.
They have two locations, one in Lapeer and another at 908 Military, Port Huron. They can also be found on Facebook or they can be reached at 810-824-3272.
Everyone has unique feet. Elite Feet is designed to help find the perfect shoe for each individual.
“We measure every aspect of the foot” said Jenkins. They also even have a computer that measures the uniqueness of the feet.
Jenkins stated that once the measurements are taken, “we pick out the shoe that will best fit your foot.” They then let you test run it on the treadmill to make sure it feels and fits properly.
The atmosphere at Elite Feet is warm and inviting. When you go there you get one on one service with an employee. Their goal is to help you with your specific need and get you into shoes that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.
They not only find you the perfect shoe but they can also give you tips on how to run properly.
However it’s not all about running, they also help people that are on their feet all day. Nurses are a great example of this because they are on their feet for 12 plus hours at a time.
They sponsor many different runs throughout the year. POHO hot cocoa is the biggest event they take part in every January.
If they aren’t doing a run, you may still see them since they also run a timing business. This times the individual runners.
In addition to the timing business, they just started doing pancake runs. This is where everyone meets up at the store, goes out for a run and they return to enjoy a pancake breakfast on Elite Feet.
“To find out all running events going on in Port Huron and surrounding cities, you can check our Facebook page,” Jenkins mentioned. They are always posting the latest events.
Elite Feet’s mission statement is, “To spread our passion for a healthy lifestyle; delight our customer with superb service, value our employees, and support our community.”
If you notice that your feet hurt as you walk around campus, or you want to start running before spring semester gets here, head on over to Elite feet and let them help you out.