/Nutrition for the body, mind, and soul
Gary Lokers from TNT Nutrition answers questions from SC4 students Terrell Lee (front) and Brendalle Smith (back). Photo credit: Lily Petit

Nutrition for the body, mind, and soul

Annual health and wellness expo offers something for everyone

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 20, SC4 faculty and students gathered in the cafeteria to learn how to take care of all aspects of their bodies for the 8th annual Health and Wellness Expo.
Businesses such as Total Health Chiropractic, Michigan Alliance for Families, and Planet Fitness were represented among many others. The businesses were accompanied by the support group Overeaters Anonymous, as well as an organic food co-op, River Community Food Co-op.
“I think it’s pretty groovy,” said SC4 student Melissa Mertz.
Familiar faces were found hosting and representing companies at the event. Donna Karsen, member of SC4’s security staff and chair of the Health and Wellness Club, helped set up the event with the assistance of other Health and Wellness Club members.
Nursing professors and club members, Kathleen Fraley and Pennie Munro, were found giving free blood pressure checks.
Additionally, English professor Debby Hesterberg represented a nutritional supplement business called Extreme Nutrition. SC4 alumnus and former Health and Wellness Club member, Vartush Platzer, also came to lend a hand with the event.
A new experience was offered this year; ambulance tours.
EMT Mike Bradley was outside the expo showing students the inner workings and equipment of a Port Huron ambulance. Port Huron ambulances are equipped with advance life support. Unfortunately, not all Michigan ambulances have this benefit.
“I don’t think people realize how fortunate we are,” said Fraley after explaining how the advanced life support saved her son’s life when he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident.
Port Huron ambulances are making a difference, as are the members of the Health and Wellness club. Students and faculty are now armed with knowledge for combatting stress and unhealthy weight while maintaining overall body health.
Aspiring nursing student, Annette Anderson, saw much worth in the event. “They should have one of these every month,” Anderson said.
The Health and Wellness Club regrets that they won’t be taking up on Annette’s suggestion, but rest assured, the Expo will be back next year.